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Lake Shelbyville Update

Shelbyville Lake is getting much-needed fish habitat thanks to a concerted effort by groups of local anglers, staff from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. “Georgia Cubes” are a combination of pvc pipe and corrugated drain pipe that are proven fish attractors. The... Read More

Lake Nessmuk Update

Don Kelly, Tioga County Bass Anglers and local tackle shop owner, discusses the recently completed Nessmuck Lake, PA project. Shell Oil provided a grant to Friends of Reservoirs and Don spearheaded a group of local volunteers to work with staff from Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission to complete this project.... Read More

Roosevelt Lake

The objective of the project is to improve fish community structure by providing structural habitat needed for various life stages of a variety of sport species important to the recreational fishery. The project targets structural habitat improvements to a minimum of 50 acres of the 2,719 littoral acres available between... Read More