Friends of Reservoirs Membership Reaches 78 Chapters and Groups in 26 States

Membership Types: 

Chapters: Fishing clubs, conservation organizations, lake associations, or municipalities interested in working on habitat issues on a single reservoir ($25 annual fee). Download the Application.

Group: Statewide, regional or nationwide fishing, conservation or watershed groups  interested on working on habitat issues on a larger scale ($100 annual fee). Download the Application.

Individual: Individuals who do not have specific projects but wish to contribute to FOR’s efforts ($25 annual fee). 

Download the Application.

*100% of membership fees go to support on-the-ground projects.

 FOR Membership Benefits:

  1. Use of FOR’s 501(c)(3) for fundraising:
  • Tax exemption for donors;
  • Enhanced fundraising capacity;
  • Banking services provided.
  1. Project Assistance
  • Elevated granting priority status;
  • Exclusive access to small project grants (cash and products from sponsors) ;
  • Grant writing/application assistance;
  • Granting advantage of non-profit status.
  1. Technical Support
  • Website and other services;
  • Educational forums and meetings;
  • Access to reservoir habitat assessments and Best Management Practices;
  • Networking with other members and trained professionals.
  1. Recognition
  • Logos, signs and materials;
  • Best project awards;
  • Project/organization highlights on FOR website and social media.

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