2024 Multi-State Grants Announced

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies is soliciting Full Grant Proposals for the 2024 Multistate Conservation Grant Program (Traditional MSCGP and R3 MSCGP). Only eligible grant proposals will be processed and considered for funding, so please ensure you meet the eligibility requirements.

The Full Grant Proposals are due for submission at https://afwamscgp.smapply.io/ by June 7th, 2024, 11:59 PM EST.  Please carefully read the instructions for the Notice Of Funding Opportunity and Full Grant Proposal.

AFWA and OCI will provide training on May 9th to explain the process and answer any questions you have related to MSCGP. Please make sure to register HERE.

For your convenience, I have attached the following:

  1. Notice of Funding Opportunity for 2025 Multistate Conservation Grant Program (also posted in GrantSolutions)
  2. The Guidelines for Submitting 2025 Full Grant Proposals,
  3. Approved Strategic Priorities for the 2025 cycle
  4. Template 1 2025 MSCGP - Project Statement (applicants must apply online; please follow guidelines)
  5. Template 2 2025 MSCGP - Budget Narrative and Budget Table (to be submitted separately from Project Statement)

You can also find more information and download all these documents from the Website:  https://www.fishwildlife.org/afwa-informs/multi-state-conservation-grants-program

You can find more information on previously funded grants at: www.fishwildlife.org/mscgp  (2001- 2024)

Thank you for your participation in the Multistate Conservation Grant Program. I would greatly appreciate your time and contributions.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Silvana Yaroschuk at syaroschuk@fishwildlife.org.


Silvana Yaroschuk

Download the full information package here: MSCG Package 2024 (ZIP file)