Reminder to Submit Large Grant Applications for FY2025 by February 10, 2024

Did we mention the application form got better? This year's application is more specific with word count limits, helping guide you through the information we need to prioritize projects and meet the requirements of the ACE Act. We hope it's a better experience for you and will continue to improve it as we can!

The FY2025 round of large fish habitat grant applications will close February 10!

Applications are due by 11:59pm Central time on February 10, 2024.

Proposal Requirements: Review the grant requirements here or download the PDF directly at the bottom of this page. Grants must be submitted using the online submission form below. Timelines may use an April 1, 2025 starting date, but the actual start date will be determined by completion of the contract document.

Take a look at the application form now, as it has changed somewhat to better align with the American Conservation Enhancement Act. There are more specific sections asking for particular information (e.g., how you plan to improve angler access, if that's part of the project), but with clear word limits. Hopefully, these limits help you avoid spending excess time on individual sections, while still giving us what we need to score your project. Please contact Rebecca if you have any issues with the new application form, and remember that you must enter your email to "Save and Continue Later".