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Congress passed the America's Conservation Enhancement Act (ACE) which provides for a sustainable revenue stream for fish habitat restoration projects through the National Fish Habitat Partnership. The recent legislation provides for additional funding for "on-the-ground" projects but will alter project administration and add additional requirements to the funding application. FY2024 will be only the second year since implementation of new requirements of ACE. The grant submission process for FY2024 is on a tight timeline with applications due on or before February 15, 2024.

Approximately $350,000 is available for projects. RFHP anticipates funding 5-8 projects @ $10,000-$75,000 each. Given the limited amount of funding available at this time, RFHP grants should be considered as a partial funding source for projects with multiple funding sources and partners. Grants must have a minimum of 1:1 non-federal contributions, which may be in cash, time, goods, or other services. All contributions (cash and/or in-kind) must be spent during the project period. Special consideration will be given to projects with more than the minimum match. Eligible costs will be paid for work done no earlier than contract approval.  Salaries of full-time employees may be part of the grant request as long as they are for only time spent directly on planning, administration and/or “on the ground” work on the project. Applicants are urged to not make “salaries” a major part of the funding request. Applicants are strongly urged to discuss project ideas with the Coordinator prior to submitting proposals if questions about eligibility exist. Successful grant applicants will be required to submit all required documents via the Department of Interior's GrantSolutions system. The RFHP Coordinator is available to assist with that process.

Proposal Requirements: Review the grant requirements here or download the PDF directly at the bottom of this page. Grants must be submitted using the online submission form below. Timelines may use an April 1, 2024 starting date, but the actual start date will be determined by completion of the contract document.



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Last Updated 11/20/22