Upcoming Tribal Funding Opportunity

The following may be of interest to those of you who work on or partner with Tribal areas:

There is a Bureau of Indian Affairs program that funds Tribes to do planning and on the ground work related to climate resilience, which includes fish and wildlife habitat.  In fact, there is a 2 year set-aside within this program specifically for habitat work.  There are also non-competitive funds in this program for building tribal capacity, where a Tribe could hire someone to do climate resilience related work, including fish habitat planning or implementation, with 3 years of guaranteed funding.  The proposal must come from a Tribe (in some cases a Tribal Organization) and the funds must go to a Tribe, but FHPs could be partners in the projects.
The RFP for FY23 was issued last July, so we would expect a similar time frame for FY24.  Discuss with your tribal partners whether there may be opportunity to use these funds to meet shared Tribal and FHP strategic objectives.  Below are the links to the program.  Note that page 17 of the RFP has the information about the habitat set aside.  Other sections discuss the capacity building funds, etc.  Also note that "Protect-In-Place" grants that are mentioned can be used for habitat work such as shoreline stabilization, barrier removal, and other fish habitat restoration that also increases climate resiliency of tribal lands and waters.