$12M Grant Awarded to Bouquet Canyon Creek Downstream of Bouquet Reservoir, California

Tailwater work begins in a southern California creek below Bouquet Reservoir, in hopes of achieving greater resilience to stormwater-related flood. Although FOR doesn't have any ongoing California projects, we hope to build more partnerships in the future. Check this great work out!

Los Angeles County was awarded a $12 million planning grant from the California Wildlife Conservation Board to support the Bouquet Canyon Creek Restoration and Recovery Project, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger announced today.

The grant allows the County to enter the design phase of a major habitat restoration project along an 8-mile stretch of Bouquet Canyon Creek, downstream of Bouquet Reservoir.

By re-establishing creek flows to the southern end of Bouquet Canyon, the County seeks to achieve significant flood risk reduction, increase fish habitat, and allow for the replenishment of groundwater wells for residents downstream of the project site. The work would also prevent water within the creek from spilling over onto Bouquet Canyon Road during reservoir releases by the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and during many storm events.

“Receiving this grant will go a long way in improving public safety, restoring and preserving wildlife habitat, and enhancing the local water supply,” said Supervisor Kathryn Barger. “Having successfully obtained this grant award for our County is also a testament to our persistent and unrelenting advocacy work. I am committed to bringing long term relief to the residents of the area. Although this is a complex project involving state and federal partners, I won’t stop my advocacy work and support until the improvements are made.”

Much of the Bouquet Canyon Creek watershed was burned in a series of wildfires in the early 2000s. Major storms on the scorched slopes of the canyon caused significant sediment deposition within the reach of Bouquet Canyon Creek below Bouquet Reservoir. This deposition greatly reduced the creek’s flow-carrying capacity to the extent that even low flows migrate out of the creek.

“By restoring the capacity of the creek to manage storm flows, we can increase flood protection for the area and provide downstream residents with access to safe, clean, and reliable water resources, said Los Angeles County Public Works Director Mark Pestrella. “We look forward to collaborating with the community to deliver a plan that meets their short and long term needs in a sustainable way.”

The project is currently in the planning and development phase, with construction expected to begin in late 2024. Los Angeles County will continue to engage with the community and stakeholders throughout the process to ensure the project’s success.

For more information about the Bouquet Canyon Creek Restoration and Recovery Project, please visit Bouquet Canyon Creek Restoration Project.

Read the original article at: https://kathrynbarger.lacounty.gov/12m-grant-awarded-to-bouquet-canyon-creek-project-for-habitat-restoration-and-water-resiliency/