Look back on over a century at Elephant Butte Lake and State Park

Check out this nice collection of historical photos from Elephant Butte Lake:

The Elephant Butte Dam in New Mexico was completed in 1916. The photograph was only taken shortly after its opening. The Dam was built to provide flood control and irrigation down-river. The largest body of water in New Mexico was created by its construction. It is 301 feet high, and 1674 feet long. For El Paso, the opening of the dam had a huge impact as it ensured a steady water supply. It was one of the reasons that El Paso developed to a significant industrial, commercial, and transportation center in the Southwest. Many businesses, especially smelting and refining companies, settled here and agricultural production increased. The Elephant Butte Lake has also been used for recreational activities, such as boating, fishing and paragliding.

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