Reminder to Engage Your State in Lakes Appreciation Month this July

Help your state celebrate Lakes Appreciation Month this July by preparing a State Governor proclamation. This helps bring publicity to lakes and reservoirs, their importance to our society, economy, and outdoor experiences, and the management challenges that come with them.

The best way you can help spread the word is to encourage your state to proclaim Lakes Appreciation Month. It's easy! Simply follow the guide provided here, from the North American Lake Management Society.

How to Get a Lakes Appreciation Month Proclamation

The Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership/Friends of Reservoirs is a Bronze Sponsor of Lakes Appreciation Month. That means our organization is supporting:

  • Promotion of Lakes Appreciation Month
  • Promotion of related educational resources
  • Support of the Student Poster Contest
  • Maintenance of the Secchi Dip-In infrastructure

You can learn more about sponsorship options ($250 options and up) for your FOR group or agency here: