Revitalization project aims to breathe new life into Lake Wichita

For 115 years Lake Wichita has been a cornerstone in the city’s history. Over the last century the lake, constructed in 1901 and originally used for irrigation to power the electricity power plant, has seen both boom and bust and now, barely supports animal life and doesn’t support recreation.

The Lake Wichita Revitalization Project aims to revamp and improve the lake so that it can continue to be an important part of Wichita Falls for another century.

Daniel Nix, water utilities operation manager at Cypress Water Plant, said Lake Wichita was one of the first man-made lakes to be built in the state of Texas...

“Lake Wichita is old, one of the oldest in Texas, and it’s small. The fact that it’s old has given it more time to silt and so now, it’s shallow. Are we talking about the same lake 100 hundred years go? No, it’s matured and were having to deal with the repercussions of its aging. All lakes silt, it’s just the nature of the reservoir system.”

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