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The 2017 Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership/Friends of Reservoirs Annual Meeting was held 10-11 October at the Days Inn-Penn State in State College, Pennsylvania. State Fish and Wildlife Agency staff and Friends of Reservoirs members gave technical presentations on projects and programs on the 10th. Meeting abstracts are available for download. The RFHP Executive Committee met on the 11th to conduct the business of the Partnership. The Executive Committee selected recipients of large project grants for funding in FY2018 and made selections of the 2017 recipients of the Friends of Reservoirs Small Projects Grants and the Inaugural Mossback Grant Program. The meeting Briefing Book and Minutes are available for download. Attendees were treated to a tour of Beaver Stadium and a site visit to F.J. Sayers Reservoir to view that habitat enhancements funded in part by RFHP grants.


The Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership (RFHP) held its 9th Annual Meeting 5-7 October 2018 at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas. Seventy-five attendees were treated to a half-day workshop on reservoir habitat restoration Best Management Practices. Topics covered include:

Instructors included many of the individuals that contributed to the Reservoir Habitat Management Manual . Pdf. versions of the workshop presentations are available by clicking on the topics above. An expanded version of the workshop is being presented at the Southern Division AFS meeting in Galveston, Texas on January 25, 2019.

The technical program featured presentations from professional fisheries managers and Friends of Reservoirs project leaders. Pdf. versions of the presentations are available by clicking on the titles below.

The Awards Banquet honored the 2018 Friend of Reservoirs recipients. Recipients of the 2018 Small Grant Awards were announced.

Participants were extremely complementary of the meeting content. Ed Swenson from the Lake Fork Sportsman's Association (LFSA) was quoted as saying, "I just want to send along a big thank you for your efforts in organizing the conference last weekend. As one that is new to this whole topic and having an acute interest it learning more it was an awesome experience. The organization of the topics and their content helped me to better understand the overall requirements and opportunities going forward. I look forward to learning more and am willing to contribute in any way I can to help the efforts. Carolyn West (LFSA) emailed saying "The conference last weekend was one of the best I have attended throughout my business and volunteering life.  I learned so much and witnessed amazingly intelligent people willing to share their knowledge. Thank you for all the work I know goes into a successful workshop/conference.  You held a conference that gave so much to the attendees.  I am so impressed with FOR and equally glad we are members. "Scott Ball from the Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs said "thank you so much for hosting Beth and I so we  could attend our very first FOR conference.  It provided an extraordinary opportunity for us to see how other FOR projects are handled, as well as allowing us to put faces to names.  The networking contacts just with TPWD will pay dividends.  Before the conference, we had never met Rick Ott, Dave Terre or several others.  We now also have new friends at Lake Conroe and the Lake Fork partnership!

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