Microplastics Project Scoping Input – Last Chance!

We are scoping a research project on microplastics in relation to fish and artificial fish structures, in hopes of achieving nationwide engagement. We would like your input to ensure the project focuses on relevant research questions that help inform fisheries management.

Please provide your input through the self-guided scoping presentation here: https://www.menti.com/alztpp3xkk6w

This presentation is identical to scoping presentations given January 24 (virtual) and at Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference and Southern Division of AFS. If you wish to watch the recording of the virtual scoping meeting, you may watch it here: https://lsu.zoom.us/.../2YiiH8zmmH4Y...

The participation link will remain open until Sunday night, February 11, after which we will compile feedback and host a methodology-oriented followup meeting with those who indicate interest. Please ensure you provide us your email if you wish to be on the follow-up list! There is an opportunity to do so in the scoping presentation, or you can contact the planning group.

Thank you for your feedback!

  • Steve Midway, Louisiana State University
  • Sean Kinney, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
  • Rebecca Krogman, Iowa Department of Natural Resources