Notes from the RFHP Virtual Meeting, July 26, 2023


  • Results of the National Fish Habitat Partnership Board meeting from July 12, 2023
    • Jason Olive was introduced as the new FWS staff member for the NFHP. Jason’s title is “NFHP Partnership Coordinator, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service”.  We will miss Jason’s leadership on our executive committee, but he will still be our partner in his new role.
    • There was discussion of the $2 billion in BIL federal funds for fish passage that many partnerships may want to consider.
    • There was an overview of the ACE Implementation.  The NFHP Board has methodically worked to comply with all aspects of the ACE Act. The next item on the timeline is Congressional Designation for all 20 Partnerships.
  • Review of our FFY 2024 project submissions

Title                                                                                  Funds Requested

Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership Operations Multiple No Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership $85,000 $23,000 - - $108,000
Expansion of North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission’s native aquatic plant program NC No Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership North Carolina Wildlife Commission $75,000 $117,737 - - $192,737
Stop the Squeeze: utilizing hypolimnetic oxygenation to improve sport fish habitat, water quality, climate adaptation, and economic opportunity for Island Park Reservoir and the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, Idaho ID No Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership Henrys Fork Foundation $50,000 $103,945 - - $153,945
Lake Red Rock Fish Habitat Enhancement Project IA No Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership Red Rock Lake Assocation $56,500 $67,220 $2,880 - $126,600
Establishment of aquatic vegetation at Banner Creek Reservoir KS No Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism $42,000 $42,000 - - $84,000
Rend Lake Native Habitat Improvement and Shoreline Erosion Prevention IL No Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership US Army Corps of Engineers, Rend Lake $40,000 $56,287 $650,000 - $746,287
F.J. Sayers Lake Shoreline Enhancement Project PA No Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy $75,000 $161,728 $30,000 - $266,728
Mark Twain Lake Fisheries Habitat Development Project MO No Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership US Army Corps of Engineers $20,000 $21,500 $13,500 - $55,000


  • Update on the FFY 2023 funded projects

McFarland declined the award, so those funds were transferred to the next project on our approved list, Tionesta - Salmon Creek in PA.

  • Process to develop applications to Congress for all 20 partnerships
  • Each partnership is required to prepare an application to Congress for official designation as a partnership. A template has been developed and our draft document is due December 31, 2023.
  • Outreach activities report, Rebecca Krogman
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  • Small grant and Mossback RFPs and funding
    • The RFP is online for applications for $1500 small grants and $1,000 ($1500 retail value) Mossback grants.

New appointments to the Executive Committee and the FOR Board

  • John Okeefe of Yamaha joins the committee representing industry and Lynn Quattro joins representing the AFS/FAS. Lynn was present on the call and John plans to be on the next call.
  • Annual Meeting Update
    • We continue to work with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency fisheries staff to hold our meeting in Morristown Tennessee.  We have received sponsorship funding from B.A.S.S. and the TVA will also assist with the meeting.  TVA and TWRA will host the workshop on reservoir management. Full details of the annual meeting are posted on our website.