Anglers Finding Georgia Cubes to be Fishing Hotspots

Testimonial from a Kansas angler about Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism's habitat restoration efforts.

"I just wanted to let you know that we had some fantastic fall fishing for crappie here at Milford Reservoir. I went out numerous times and found a number of "Georgia Cubes" located in 12-16 ft. of water. The last time I fished, which was about a week before the lake froze over, we fished four separate areas of the lake and targeted known locations for the cubes. These structures really hold the fish, and the plastic doesn't snag nearly as often as trees. That last day of fishing, the three of us brought back 32 crappie to clean. Through the last couple of years, these structures have really sold me on their productivity. Thanks for having the staff and funding available to me these work for the anglers at Milford."