First Week of Beaver Lake Habitat Project Funded by Bass Pro Shops!

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission conducted a large fish habitat project on Beaver Lake.  Twenty Commission employees worked the project and we targeted three different areas of Beaver Lake (Monte Ne, Hickory Creek and Brush Creek/Blue Springs).  Staff used cedar trees in Brush Creek and hardwood trees removed by the Corps of Engineers at Monte Ne.  At Hickory Creek, commission employees constructed porcupine cribs from white oak trees.  We placed 40 fish habitat sites this week and coordinates will be available at the agency website (  Anglers can upload the sites to gps-capable-depth finders a few weeks after the project is complete.

Thanks to Bass Pro Shops for funding this work!  Stay tuned for updates on the Beaver Habitat Project.

Big stumps used for fish habitat in the Monte Ne area, Beaver Lake Project in Arkansas
Porcupine Crib placed in the Hickory Creek area, Beaver Lake Project in Arkansas
Huge cedar tree in Brush Creek, Beaver Lake project in Arkansas

They are out installing habitat this week!