Fish habitats installed in Lake Carlsbad

New Mexico Bass Nation and the New Mexico Game and Fish got off to a good start last week (Jan. 4, 2022) installing about 40 submerged fish habitats in the upper part of Lake Carlsbad. Earl Conway, the New Mexico Bass Nation conservation director, a native of Carlsbad proposed the project back in 2019, but it took a few years to obtain grants and permits to make it happen. The project is part of a larger effort to provide more angling opportunities with the limited water resources in the Carlsbad area.

The project uses artificial habitat to replace some of the natural habitat and native vegetation that was removed over several decades. The additions will provide shade, cover and food required to improve the diversity, health and growth of all species of fish in the lake. It has been quite a challenge to select and build a variety of fish habitat that is effective, angler-friendly that will not interfere with boating or swimming. In the future, there will be more volunteer opportunities to install floating islands, living shorelines, more fish habitats and even some STEM science projects for the schools and citizens aimed at reducing excess nutrients and hazardous algae blooms.

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