Latest Habitat Addition to Shelbyville Lake

Check out the latest video from the Lake Shelbyville project. Staff from Illinois Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and numerous volunteers are placing modified Georgia Cubes (Shelbyville Cubes) at several sites in May, 2018.  Note that an extra layer of pvc pipe is added to the bottom of the cube with plastic snow fencing used to keep the cubes from sinking into the silt. The cubes quickly (within a matter of days) become colonized with periphyton (algae) that increases productivity and attracts aquatic insects and bait fish. These have been demonstrated to be great structural habitat for numerous species of fish. This testimonial says it all: "Saturday Avery caught a big black male and Sunday this 13 inch female fishing a cube on south end. They are perfect for her because I can pitch a minnow under a bobber and not worry about her snagging!"