Pond King Assists Lake Fork Sportsman’s Association with Habitat Restoration on Lake Fork

Lake Fork has been one of the premier bass fisheries in Texas and really for most of the country for many years.  The majority of largemouth bass (65%) in Texas’ top 50 largest bass have come from Lake Fork. Fork was impounded in 1980 and is now entering middle age. Like most aging reservoirs, woody structure, so important as habitat for bass and consequently for anglers, has degraded over time. To preserve the quality of habitat, and subsequently the quality of angling, these habitat issues need to be addressed. Pond King  has stepped up to the plate.  Pond King recently donated 20 of its Honey Hole Live Series  structures to the Lake Fork Sportsman’s Association  to help replace the woody structure that has degraded over time and enhance the littoral (shoreline) habitat so critical to bass populations. LFSA is one of 21 Friends of Reservoirs member organizations in Texas. LFSA members worked with staff from Texas Parks and Wildlife and Pond King to assemble and place the structures. Check out the video! Harlan Nichols, Senior Fisheries Biologist with Pond King, recognizes the role that fisheries habitat restoration plays in preserving the angling legacy in this country and consequently, the role that habitat restoration plays in preserving the industries that are dependent on quality angling. “Pond King is proud to support the efforts of Friends of Reservoirs. Habitat enhancement is often an over looked and undervalued aspect of fisheries management. As a company, we understand how important quality angling opportunities are in public reservoirs. Everyone at Pond King grew up fishing Texas and Oklahoma lakes, and the memories from those experiences are what drives us to make sure that we do our part to promote the efforts of organizations that protect and enhance these resources, so that they are available for future generations. As part of that commitment, the Lake Fork artificial habitat install was the start of, and hopefully many, donations generated by the sale of Pond King’s new Honey Hole Live Series artificial habitat. As such, we will be looking for further projects in the latter part of 2018, and 2019, that involve large scale habitat donations to Friends of Reservoirs to be placed where they see fit.”