Southern Division American Fisheries Society Symposium Announcement

Linking Physical and Biological Processes for Habitat Management Among Aquatic Systems

 Management of aquatic systems requires understanding the respective roles habitats have in maintaining system functions. Aquatic systems each contain unique habitat conditions that may necessitate a myriad of habitat management techniques. Channel design and bank stabilization are often used in stream environments whereas structure and vegetation establishment are commonplace in reservoirs. Habitat management in marine environments often includes reef construction through coral establishment or placement of large structure. Habitat practitioners from across the Southeast have implemented habitat projects for different aquatic systems and for different purposes. Despite variation in approaches, much can be learned from the collective experiences and research results managing aquatic systems through habitat management. The purpose of this symposium is to highlight projects focused on aquatic habitat management, feature research results, establish partnerships, as well as promote an understanding of common issues faced by habitat management practitioners across aquatic systems. This symposium will inform advancements in habitat research including evaluation of habitat enhancement efforts.

This symposium will be a function of Southern Division of American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting 2019

Little Rock Marriot – Downtown; Little Rock, AR; February 20-23, 2020

Abstract Submissions Due: December 13th, 2019

(Abstract submissions will be open soon on the meeting website) 

Symposium inquiries may be directed to Dr. Jonathan Spurgeon (