Griffy Lake Structure and Shoreline Access


  • Status
  • Estimated Completion
  • Location
    Bloomington, Indiana
  • Friends Group
    City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation
  • Partners
    City of Bloomington Utilities, Banneker Community Center, Monroe County Community School Corporation, Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife, Aquatic Control Inc.

The goal of this project is to improve habitat for the following sportfish species: bass, bluegill, catfish, and crappie.

Why It Matters

Griffy Lake has received support from the Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) program for many years to manage invasive plant populations and to provide annual updates to The Griffy Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan. A copy of the most recent AVMP is included for your reference. The contractor that has controlled invasives and created the Griffy AVMP is Aquatic Control Inc, They have experience with assembly and installation of Mossback Fish Habitat products. Their staff support the installation of these products in areas that lack submerged vegetation due to the invasive plant pressure that was present before herbicide treatments.

Fish & Wildlife staff at Cikana State Fish Hatchery regularly survey fish populations and stock the lake with several species. The goal of this project is to improve habitat for the following sportfish species: bass, bluegill, catfish, and crappie.

What FOR Is Doing

Project Objectives

  1. Improve fish habitat along newly constructed accessible fishing pier and pedestrian walkway at Griffy Lake Nature Preserve. The Mossback Fish Habitat products can supplement the loss of vegetation along the Headley Road Causeway that was mostly loose riprap before construction begun on the accessible fishing pier and pedestrian walkway.
  2. Improve access to recreational fishing along shorelines at Griffy Lake. Shoreline fishing was limited to three fishing ‘bumpouts’ located in the southeast section of Griffy Lake with access to the main parking lot. Otherwise, the property’s steep sloping terrain makes it difficult for people to access the lake and land managers try to discourage people from hiking up and down steep ravines to reduce erosion concerns and for safety reasons.

City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation (BPRD) will coordinate with IDNR: Fish & Wildlife agency staff and Aquatic Control Inc. to determine the best locations for the Mossback Fish Habitat products. Aquatic Control has offered to help train BPRD staff on proper assembly techniques so a volunteer work day can be organized. BPRD will continue applying for LARE grants to supplement funding for lake restoration projects. Additional funding opportunities to support native plant installations along the disturbed shorelines will also be pursued.

Project Outreach

Several avenues to publicize this habitat improvement project will be used including:

  • BPRD Website
  • BPRD Seasonal Program Guide
  • BPRD Social Media Outlets (Facebook and Instagram)
  • BPRD Mobile App (OuterSpatial)
  • Press releases for local and statewide distribution
  • Local radio and newspaper interviews
  • Educational yard signs located on site near fishing access points

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