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    Cherryvale, Kansas
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  • Friends Group
    City of Cherryvale
  • Partners
    Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

The City of Cherryvale planned on restoring and enhancing Lake Tanko starting in 2020. Major renovations at Lake Tanko were meant to help improve the water quality and fish habitat. We will be increasing the depth of the lake up to 15 feet in some areas.

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What FOR Is Doing

We would like to put in some more deep water habitat for example; substantial rock piles, brush piles, or habitat cubes.  All of these structures would be great habitat for fish to utilize in the new deep water area. This will increase the cover for fish in the deep water areas.

Seth Lundgren, Fisheries Biologist with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism will assist with the installation of all the deep water habitats by deciding the location to place each habitat.

During each phase of the project, we will document with photographs and updates on our website and Facebook page to share our results with not only the public but other municipalities that may want to implement a similar project. After the completion of the project, we will issue a press release to our local newspaper with an overview of the project.

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