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  • Estimated Completion
  • Location
    Old Hickory Lake, TN
  • Grants Received
  • Total Budget
  • Partners
    Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, United States Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District, Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation

This project benefits the habitat of Old Hickory Reservoir, which is a 22,500-acre mainstem reservoir on the Cumberland River. Specifically, this project will be restoring altered habitat by adding 420 artificial habitat structures in key areas relative to different patterns in bass movement throughout the year. Additionally, 10 large rock piles and two large rock reefs will be created to further enhance habitat for numerous fish species.

Why It Matters

This project will benefit anglers by providing a substantial increase in access to quality fish habitat structures for anglers of all skill levels. Specifically, the project will add 400 artificial structures spread out among 10 sites with a design that has a proven track record of attracting sportfish species. These sites will receive a special marker buoy as part of the new Bill Dance Fishing Trail in Tennessee and be specially chosen to increase angler success at various times throughout the year. Ten additional sites will receive two new 10-ft tall artificial attractors, named Tennessee Towers. Ten large rock humps and two rock reefs approximately 75 ft in length will add offshore habitat for more experienced anglers. This diversity of habitat types will greatly increase the enjoyment and recreational opportunities for our anglers by providing new access to high quality fishing locations.

What FOR Is Doing

We will be significantly increasing habitat complexity by installing 420 artificial habitat structures across 20 sites, 10 large rock humps (approximately 25 tons of rock each), and two rock reefs (approximately 75 tons of rock each that will stretch 75 feet each) for a total of 32 new habitat enhanced areas.

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