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Lake Shelbyville Fish Habitat Improvement

The goals of this project are to introduce long-lasting structural and biological habitat, inhibit shoreline erosion on highly eroded areas, inhibit mobilization of sediment and nutrients, and maintain connectivity of coves to the main lake. The benefits expected include; increased complexity and diversity of habitat for fish and other wildlife,... Read More

Old Hickory Reservoir Habitat Improvement

This project benefits the habitat of Old Hickory Reservoir, which is a 22,500-acre mainstem reservoir on the Cumberland River. Specifically, this project will be restoring altered habitat by adding 420 artificial habitat structures in key areas relative to different patterns in bass movement throughout the year. Additionally, 10 large rock... Read More

Lake Barkley Habitat Improvement Project

Goals of the Lake Barkley Habitat Improvement Project are as follows: 1) To decrease siltation and the expansion of mud flats by increasing shoreline stability through cypress tree plantings, 2) to mitigate the effects of existing siltation and increase centrarchid spawning success by: (a) improving available shoreline spawning cover by... Read More

Lake Coleman Habitat Renovation

Lake Coleman, with a current surface area of approximately 40 acres, is located within the city limits of Sulphur Springs in Hopkins County Texas. The lake was constructed in the early 1900s as a water supply for the City of Sulphur Springs. A comprehensive renovation of the lake was conducted... Read More

Cochiti Lake Habitat Restoration

This project addresses several impairments on Cochiti Lake, New Mexico: sedimentation, aquatic invasive species and initial vegetation removal and earth scouring during dam construction. The lake has also been subject to hazardous algae blooms. This grant will be directed towards the propagation of native aquatic and shoreline vegetation and fish... Read More

Carlsbad Fisheries Revival

The project seeks to involve the local community, the City of Carlsbad and New Mexico Game and Fish in strategically positioning fish attractors, spawning structures and baitfish habitat in the Pecos River pools formed by the upper and lower dams that make up Carlsbad Municipal Lake. There are also opportunities... Read More