Recent Projects

Stop the Squeeze: utilizing hypolimnetic oxygenation for Island Park Reservoir and the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, Idaho

Develop a hypolimnetic oxygenation design plan to oxygenate the Island Park Reservoir hypolimnion to 6 mg/L. Project goal is to permanently eliminate the drawdown-driven oxythermal habitat squeeze by designing, evaluating, and installing a hypolimnetic oxygenation system. A shovel-ready plan allows leveraging up to $3 million in USBR WaterSmart grants available... Read More

Lake Tanko Habitat

The City of Cherryvale planned on restoring and enhancing Lake Tanko starting in 2020. Major renovations at Lake Tanko were meant to help improve the water quality and fish habitat. We will be increasing the depth of the lake up to 15 feet in some areas. Read More

Three-Mile Lake Restoration Project

Three-Mile Lake is an 880-acre multi-purpose reservoir located in rural southern Iowa (Figure 1). The lake was constructed in 1995 with a main focus of providing public drinking water to 30 towns and over 13,000 rural water customers. In addition to a public water supply source, the lake offers many... Read More

Lake Shelbyville Fish Habitat Improvement

The goals of this project are to introduce long-lasting structural and biological habitat, inhibit shoreline erosion on highly eroded areas, inhibit mobilization of sediment and nutrients, and maintain connectivity of coves to the main lake. The benefits expected include; increased complexity and diversity of habitat for fish and other wildlife,... Read More