Shortcodes – Buttons


Use the button shortcode to easily create linked buttons. Use the type parameter to set the color of the button. To create slightly larger buttons with more/less height and padding, use the size parameter. Specifying true on the block parameter creates buttons that span the full width of a parent.

Code Example

[button type="default" size="" block="" url="" target="" title=""][/button]


Parameter Description Required Values Default
type The type of the button optional default, primary, secondary default
size The size of the button optional large, medium, small none
block Whether the button should be a block-level button optional true, false false
url The url you want the button to link to optional any valid link none
target Target for the link optional any valid target none
class Any extra classes you want to add optional any text none
data Data attribute and value pairs separated by a comma. Pairs separated by pipe. optional any text none


Button Default Button Primary Large Button Secondary Small Button Block

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