Become a Sponsor

We ask for your support in the fight to preserve and maintain the quality angling that we are currently enjoying. Please become a contributing sponsor in one of the ways suggested below.

  • Green: $10,000+
  • Gold: $5000-$9,999
  • Silver: $1000-$4,999
  • Meeting: <$1000

Cash sponsorships under $1000 will be used to support the Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Sponsorship/Friends of Reservoirs annual meeting held annually. This meeting highlights partner projects and serves as a venue for training and highlighting activities from the previous years.

Sponsorships in the past have been returned to the resource by providing funding for the Friends of Reservoirs (FOR) "Small Grants Program". FOR provides $1000 grant awards exclusively to Friends of Reservoirs members to be used on a "local" habitat restoration project. These grants are competitive and have been FOR's most effective member recruiting tool. See the "Grants" page for more information on the Small Projects Grant Program.

Companies may donate product in lieu of cash. The Mossback Grant Program is a great example of such a sponsorship.

Companies may wish to sponsor a "local" habitat restoration project. Shell Oil sponsored a habitat restoration project on Lake Nessmuck, Pennsylvania. This type of sponsorship gives a company local exposure and promotes a conservation-minded image to its constituents/customers.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Contributions to FOR are tax-deductible.
  • Help fight habitat loss and preserve our angling legacy for future generations.
  • Connect with customers who care about improving our aquatic environment;
  • Receive recognition for your contributions through:
    • Local and national press releases
    • Postings and blogs on fishing websites
    • Listing on "Sponsor Page" on our website and our social media
    • Use of FOR branding and approved products and services
    • Signage recognizing your business at project sites

To become a sponsor, use the links below:

Membership Type

One-time Payment

Recurring Payment

Silver Sponsor

Become a Silver Sponsor by donating $1,000 or more.

Gold Sponsor

Become a Gold Sponsor by donating $5,000 or more.

Green Sponsor

Become a Green Sponsor by donating $10,000 or more.

As your sponsorships accumulate, your Sponsor Level will be upgraded.