Check out Locations for Acme Bricks Donations!

Acme Brick offers bricks, concrete pavers, and cinder blocks for use as fish habitat, as part of their company's dedication to sustainability.

Acme Brick has plants across the country, including Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and many other places. Plants which have already indicated interest in donating to FOR are currently in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, and Oklahoma.

If you are interested in a project utilizing Acme's  donations, plan to provide the following information:

  1. Which product you are most interested in and how much
  2. How you want to pick up the material
  3. If you require any documents to be signed before or after loading
  4. What you intend to do with the material and where it is to be applied

Friends of Reservoirs will coordinate application for and reporting of Acme Bricks through a stand-alone Small Grant system (Check out the draft application form here). We are so excited to help connect our Friends groups with the materials they need to make fish habitat better in reservoirs all over the US, and we are so appreciative to Acme Brick for their dedication to sustainability and conservation.