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Friends of Reservoirs Member/Group Sponsoring the ProjectPlatte River Scuba Divers
Project Leader Contact InformationDeland Humpherys
Phone(308) 520-2059
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Address415 West 6th Street
North Platte, Nebraska 69101
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Project Information
Reservoir NameHershey Interstate Lake
Google Maps Locationgoogle.com
Please describe the project objective(s).

Our objective is to enhance the marine habitat at Hershey Lake. As divers, we enjoy seeing the underwater aquatic life and can see first hand how structures benefits their environment.

Please describe the project methods. Will the product be used in conjunction with existing habitat restoration efforts on the reservoir? Will the product supplement natural brush, rock, or other materials being added to the reservoir?

The project will enhance the previous projects that placed trees and other materials already in the lake. This will be in conjunction with other ongoing projects by the Game and Fish Department. This will provide habitat for the fish to live and grow. This will also be beneficial to fishermen who fish the lake.

Will state fish and wildlife agency staff be directly involved in the project? How so (planning, site selection, participation in installation)? Is there an associated lake or habitat management plan that states the need for structural habitat enhancement?

We plan on working hand in hand with the North Platte office for site selection and they will also be helping in the placement of any structure.

List the species that the project is expected to benefit:

The biggest benefit will be for bass, crappie, cat fish and blue gill but all aquatic wild life will benefit from habitat enhancement

How do you plan to conduct outreach and advertise the project? (Examples: on-site signage, press releases, websites, message boards)

We plan on posting our project on our membership face book page, we will also contact KNOP new and the Telegraph new paper.

Partnership and Budget
Does the project involve one or more youth groups?Yes
Please list all partners involved in the project:
Partner Name Type of Partner Cash Contribution In-Kind Contribution In-Kind Value
Platte River Scuba Diver Dive Club 0 24 $432
Nebraska Game and Parks State 0 8 $192
Platte River Seal Team Kids Dive Club 0 24 hr $240