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Friends of Reservoirs Member/Group Sponsoring the ProjectTri County Bass Anglers
Project Leader Contact InformationDon Goldsberry
Phone(812) 583-5022
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Address1326 W Crandall st
Mitchell, Indiana 47446
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Project Information
Reservoir NameMonroe Reservois
Google Maps Locationgoogle.com
Please describe the project objective(s).

The lake and adjacent land is co-managed by the COE and Indiana DNR Division of Parks. Fluctuating water levels, shoreline composed of rock debris and clay and steep littoral grade adversely affects the presence of submerged aquatic vegetation, shoreline vegetation (trees and shrubs) and woody debris. This lack of littoral zone habitat obviously has had an adverse effect on reproduction and cover for fishes of the Centrarchidae family. We plan to get youth involved (Boy Scouts & youth bass clubs) to help build structures.

Please describe the project methods. Will the product be used in conjunction with existing habitat restoration efforts on the reservoir? Will the product supplement natural brush, rock, or other materials being added to the reservoir?

Description of Methods: A habitat enhancement plan was created by Indiana DNR and partners that outlined timeline, budget, types of structures to be used, and placement locations. An agency meeting and partner meetings were held to discuss specific location placements and logistics. The proposed plan calls for around 20 Pennsylvania porcupine junior cribs, 60 Pennsylvania porcupine cribs, 220 pallet structures, 60 Pennsylvania Black Bass nesting structures and 40 Hoosier cubes (modified Georgia cubes) to be placed in the reservoir at depths 5-16 ft (summer pool). This project will enhance approximately 33 acres of aquatic habitat. IDNR and partners began work in 2019 to construct and deploy structures. So far 218 Indiana pallet structures, 18 Hoosier cubes (PVC cubes), and 250 trees have been felled. A volunteer build day was held in 2019 and to date over 150 volunteer hours have been donated to the project. Past flooding at the reservoir has killed many trees around the shoreline which are now being felled for fish structure. The Tri-County Bass Anglers will use the $1000 grant to purchase materials to for between 10 to 15 Hoosier Cubes.

Will state fish and wildlife agency staff be directly involved in the project? How so (planning, site selection, participation in installation)? Is there an associated lake or habitat management plan that states the need for structural habitat enhancement?

Fish and Agency Involvement: Indiana DNR will be overseeing the construction of structures, purchase of the materials, apply for permits, and place the structures at predesignated locations.

List the species that the project is expected to benefit:

Species Impacted: Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Walleye and crappies.

How do you plan to conduct outreach and advertise the project? (Examples: on-site signage, press releases, websites, message boards)

Outreach: Once the project has been completed a map will be created with GPS locations will be available to anglers via the IDNR website https://secure.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/7665.htm. The Tri-County Bass Anglers will work closely with IDNR to publicize activities through press releases, websites (DNR, Indiana Bass Federation, and Bass Unlimited), Facebook posts, and presenting at public meetings. From past events we have had a few boy scouts state they want to do this for their eagle scout project!

Upload at least one letter of support from a representative of the state fish and wildlife management agency:Tri-County-Bass-support-letter-2022.pdf
Partnership and Budget
Does the project involve one or more youth groups?Yes
Please list all partners involved in the project:
Partner Name Type of Partner Cash Contribution ($) In-Kind Contribution In-Kind Value ($)
Boy Scout Troop 348 Youth 0.00 1,000 1,000