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Friends of Reservoirs Member/Group Sponsoring the ProjectFriends of Sadlers Creek State Park
Project Leader Contact InformationScott Perkins
Phone(678) 371-6550
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Address403 Forest Cove Rd
Anderson, South Carolina 29626
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Project Information
Reservoir NameLake Hartwell
Google Maps Locationgoogle.com
Please describe the project objective(s).

Project Summary and Objectives: The non-profit 501-C3 organization Friends of Sadlers Creek State
Park proposes to purchase supplies and work with S.C. State Parks staff to assemble & place fish
attractors into Lake Hartwell. Lake Hartwell has hosted Five Bass Masters Classic Events as well as
countless fishing tournaments. This is truly one of the crown Jewels of East Coast Fishing. There is a
great need to add additional habitat to the shallower water in the lake. The objectives of this project
include: 1) to enhance the recreational fishing experience for anglers, 2) to provide cover
and proper hiding places for small fishes to have a better opportunity to survive long enough to
reproduce, and 3)

Please describe the project methods. Will the product be used in conjunction with existing habitat restoration efforts on the reservoir? Will the product supplement natural brush, rock, or other materials being added to the reservoir?

Project Description and Need: Fish love cover. Unfortunately, woody structure is often sparse at
critical depths is Upstate reservoirs, since most reservoirs were cleared and grubbed of woody
vegetation during reservoir construction. Installing supplementary structures such as fish attractors is a
common habitat management activity amongst freshwater fisheries management agencies. A study
conducted in 2002 (Use of Artificial Habitat Structures in U.S. Lakes & Reservoirs: A Survey from the
Southern Division AFS Reservoir Committee, Tugend, K.l., et. al.) found that 80% of state agencies in the
U.S. have installed some type of supplementary habitat enhancement. The South Carolina Department
of Natural Resources has found that the use of fish attractors can be used to enhance the recreational
fishing experience on South Carolina lakes by concentrating fish. Fish attractors are generally accepted
as a popular and effective way to increase catch rates. The applicant proposes to place 400 fish
attractors made from a combination of Bamboo, Christmas trees, and concrete blocks. Please see
attached map for the placement of the attractors.
Supplementary structures such as Bamboo Fish Attractors have many benefits, including: 1) increase
cover and can offer juveniles refuge from predators, 2) increase species diversity, 3) increase growth
rates, 4) improve reproductive success and, 5) improve survival rates of juvenile fishes. A survey
conducted by the Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society Reservoir Committee in 2002
(referenced above) found that within U.S. national forests, supplementary structures were used to
increase fish production and increase reproduction of targeted fish species. The fish attractor product
selected for this project has the added benefit of allowing the growth of periphyton (algae) immediately
upon placement because the natural material does not contain any bio inhibitors. The structures can
attract insects and crustaceans shortly after placement which can be an excellent food source for fish.

Will state fish and wildlife agency staff be directly involved in the project? How so (planning, site selection, participation in installation)? Is there an associated lake or habitat management plan that states the need for structural habitat enhancement?

State Wild life Agency Proposed Partnerships: Members of the Friends of Sadlers Creek non-profit
will assist the staff of S.C. State Parks in assembling and placement of the fish attractors in Lake
Hartwell. FOSC has worked closely with the staff and management of Sadlers Creek State Park since the
creation of the non-profit in 2018. The organization has a very good long-term working relationship with
the park staff as we have completed many projects in past years in support of management objectives
for the site. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and the United States Army Corps of
Engineers are also consulted with the placement of the habitat.

List the species that the project is expected to benefit:

Bass, Bream, Catfish, Crappie

How do you plan to conduct outreach and advertise the project? (Examples: on-site signage, press releases, websites, message boards)

Outreach : In addition to members of Friends of Sadlers Creek and the State Park Service, will
publicize the attractors through signage, our web site, Social media, word of mouth and
announcements will be made a local fishing tournaments.

Upload at least one letter of support from a representative of the state fish and wildlife management agency:Friends-of-Sadlers-Creek-SP-support-letter-8.12.22.docx
Partnership and Budget
Does the project involve one or more youth groups?Yes
Please list all partners involved in the project:
Partner Name Type of Partner Cash Contribution In-Kind Contribution (Description) In-Kind Value ($)
Boy Scout Troop 215 Local