Tomorrow’s Fish Website Launched!

In the face of unprecedented threats to our fisheries—from climate change and the loss of critical habitat to the systemic underfunding of fisheries management—the recreational fishing community must unite and become a powerful, effective advocate if we are to sustainably manage our fisheries for future generations.

Tomorrow's Fish is dedicated to the angling community. It aims to raise our collective knowledge and awareness on fisheries and climate issues. It seeks to motivate anglers to engage locally and beyond in actions that build climate-ready fisheries. And most importantly, it seeks to help us become lifelong advocates for our fisheries, their habitats, and the communities that rely on them.

Tomorrow’s Fish is built on a simple, but core, set of foundational tenets:

  • Climate change is real (not “fake news”), and humans are the main culprit.
  • Misinformation over climate change has successfully raised doubts among the public and delayed meaningful action.
  • For the most part, meaningful policy to address and adapt to climate change is lacking, at the international, national, regional, and local levels.

"As Anglers and Opinion-Makers, we need to move from reactive gestures to proactive responses; we need constructive and realistic actions, limited only by our imagination and commitment."

Whitney Tilt, Executive Director, AFFTA Fisheries Fund

Visit the site to find links to climate science, habitat and fisheries conservation news, and ways to act on behalf of healthy, resilient fisheries.