Submit an abstract about your FOR Project for AFS Honolulu

This is a reminder that you are invited to give a presentation on your FHP programs. Abstract submittals are due by Friday, April 26th. Our symposium, titled Fish Habitat Partnerships – Local, Regional, and National Collaboration to Conserve Aquatic Habitats, can be selected from the session choice list. We encourage presentations describing aquatic habitat conservation efforts that benefit tribes and native communities, although that is not a requirement. Also, we look forward to considering contributions from your FHP partners who can highlight your FHPs leadership. Please forward this invitation to partners who may want to present.

This is a great opportunity to share the accomplishments of your FHP. If you have questions or want more info let me know.

Gordon Smith, Coordinator

Hawaiʻi Fish Habitat Partnership
Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program Pacific Islands (acting)
Honolulu, HI
(808) 210-6261
(808) 260-6664 (c)


Session Abstract:

Fish Habitat Partnerships bring together diverse groups of public and private partners as well as local communities to conserve fish habitats. Initially envisioned by the 2006 National Fish Habitat Action Plan, and now implemented under the America’s Conservation Enhancement Act, a network of 20 Fish Habitat Partnerships foster community-level and regional collaboration to conserve aquatic resources. To date, over 1,450 Fish Habitat Partnership conservation projects have been completed, with project sites located in all 50 states. Fish Habitat Partnerships support local and regional efforts to strategically plan and implement aquatic habitat conservation programs, contribute technical and financial support for conservation projects, support regional assessments of fish habitats, and maintain data systems to document and report on the status of aquatic systems at multiple scales. Speakers in this symposium will discuss Fish Habitat Partnership contributions to projects that result in measurable conservation outcomes for resident and migratory fish in freshwater, estuarine, and coastal fish habitats. Topics will include descriptions of the leadership role that Fish Habitat Partnerships play in collaboration among multiple organizations, and will highlight engagement of Native Hawaiian, tribal, and Alaska Native partners to conserve aquatic habitats and improve subsistence, recreational, and commercial fisheries. Speakers will also present case studies illustrating assessments of aquatic habitats at regional and national scales and describe Partnership-led outreach and education initiatives to increase public awareness of aquatic habitat conservation.