New Habitat Barge and Skid Loader Get a Workout in Van Hollow on Beaver Lake

Staff from Hobbs State Park are cutting cedar trees from state park property in Van Hollow and AGFC is sinking them for fish habitat. The goals of the Hobbs State Park project are to improve wildlife habitat and native plant species by removing nuisance cedar trees. Removal of the trees opens up the forest floor, allowing sunlight to reach the ground, and this greatly benefits native plants. The trees also make great fish habitat when placed in the lake.

The new barge and skid loader are working great. Thanks to Bass Pro Shops for funding the equipment purchases and the National Fish Habitat Partnership, Beaver Watershed Alliance and Hobbs State Park for being great partners.

Awesome work by the Beaver Watershed Alliance, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Hobbs State Park, and all partners involved in the excellent work at Beaver Lake!