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    Pymatuning Lake Association

The objective of this project is to create additional aquatic habitat at Pymatuning Lake through artificial habitat structures. We will specifically use this funding to create 30 additional Short Vertical Plank Structures which will be part of the annual 100 Porcupine Crib project. These structures will also allow us to have more habitat diversity for fish at the proposed 2022 project placement site. These habitat structures will improve recruitment, species richness, and the efficiency of aquatic fish populations while providing improved fishing opportunities.

What FOR is Doing

This project will add additional structures to the annual project at the lake. Artificial habitat improvement structures will be constructed on land and then will be placed by 4 specialized habitat boats. These structures will mimic new natural habitat at the lake. The natural habitat at the lake has been degrading over the past decade and new habitat structures help replace this loss. The structures will be constructed out of rough-cut hemlock, nails, and concrete block. Technical assistance, tools, safety gear, hardware, funding, and placement will be completed by the PA Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC). The Pymatuning Lake Association (PLA) is responsible for gathering volunteers and for picking up project materials. PLA also provides lunch and coordinates local media coverage of the project. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (Ohio DNR) will assist with Technical assistance, block, and placement of the structures by their boats. PA Department of Natural Conservation (DCNR) provides some staffing, an operator, and a machine for the project. The structures will be constructed by local volunteers, DCNR, PFBC, Ohio DNR, multiple local high schools, and by member of Pymatuning Lake Association. The project has always completed what it has planned, and we expect to complete the 100 PA Cribs and 30 Short Vertical Planks that we have proposed for 2022.