Upcoming Grant Opportunities for BLM Lands

There are a few grant opportunities for BLM lands (and waters) open now and possibly recurring in the future. Brad Tribby has offered to answer some questions during our next RFHP call. However, please check them out now in case they apply to reservoirs in your area.

Basic Requirements

  1. These funds can only be spent on BLM lands.
  2. Other Agencies or NGO's will have to work side by side with a BLM specialist;
    1. BLM will decide if that project is necessary and that there is enough staff time to devote to it
    2. BLM will write the NEPA and apply for necessary permits
The IRA "Notice of Funding Opportunity" is for large sums of money. The minimum ask is a million dollars and the max ask is ten million dollars. This money would likely only be spent in the western third of the US (where most BLM lands occur).