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Friends of Reservoirs Member/Group Sponsoring the ProjectRed Rock Lake Association
Project Leader Contact InformationPerry Thostenson
Phone(641) 420-4253
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Address2265 Lynndale Road
Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577
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Project Information
Reservoir NameLake Red Rock
Google Maps Locationgoogle.com
Please describe the project objective(s).

Lake Red Rock is a flood control reservoir owned and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It was built from 1960-1969, at which time it began operating. At normal/conservation pool (elevation 742) the lake is at 15,507 acres; at full flood pool (780 elevation) it is at 67,306 acres and is the largest reservoir in the Upper Midwest. Since the lake began operation most natural structure has deteriorated. The primary goal of the project is to improve fish habitat for small young fish for protection, and to attract larger, keeping-sized fish for angler success. The objective to achieve this is to place a Mossback Essential Shallow Water Bundle with concrete block adapters. The project sponsor is the Lake Red Rock Association, a private non-profit that was organized and functioning before the lake started its operation.

Please describe the project methods. Will the product be used in conjunction with existing habitat restoration efforts on the reservoir? Will the product supplement natural brush, rock, or other materials being added to the reservoir?

Yes, Lake Red Rock has had habitat restoration efforts in the past. These include rock/rock reef structures in the lake, other structures placed in Whitebreast Bay. We can occasionally manipulate reservoir stage and releases to maximize benefits to the lake fishery. These options and alternatives were the product of a planning workshop with resource professionals and other scientists through an effort of The Sustainable Rivers Program (SRP). SRP is a cooperative effort by the Corps of Engineers and The Nature Conservancy. Reservoir management and environmental strategies were incorporated into the revised Lake Red Rock regulation manual. The revised manual enables the use of a “conservation band.” The Lake Red Rock and Red Rock Dam efforts have become a model for the nation. See https://www.hec.usace.army.mil/sustainablerivers/ The lake also has two fish rearing ponds. In 2021 a partnership of Lake Red Rock (COE), RRLA and the Iowa DNR released 22,000 walleye fingerlings, and a second group of 3,400 large mouth bass to the reservoir. Joint fish rearing activities have been occurring there annually for five years. Discussions and conceptual planning with the Iowa DNR Large Reservoirs Biologist have taken place to develop a Lake Red Rock Fish Habitat Enhancement Project and Plan.

Will state fish and wildlife agency staff be directly involved in the project? How so (planning, site selection, participation in installation)? Is there an associated lake or habitat management plan that states the need for structural habitat enhancement?

Yes, and have already been engaged. See the attached letter of support from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for details. A tentative site selection of the drainage basin of Competine Creek, which is part of Whitebreast Bay (Lake Red Rock) has been proposed.

List the species that the project is expected to benefit:

Highly sought native fishes, including black/white crappie, white bass, walleye, largemouth bass, sunfish, blue gill, plus wipers.

How do you plan to conduct outreach and advertise the project? (Examples: on-site signage, press releases, websites, message boards)

The Corps of Engineers and Lake Red Rock have extensive media connections and outreach. See https://www.mvr.usace.army.mil/Media/ In addition, Lake Red Rock has a strong following on Facebook. See Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pg/lakeredrock/community/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0&msite_tab_async=0
Lake Red Rock will utilize these media sources to promote the event, and the completed project. In addition to the media campaign described above, Lake Red Rock and the Red Rock Lake Association will issue press releases and utilize bulletin boards throughout the Lake Red Rock area. The event and completed project will be highlighted at the Lake Red Rock Visitor Center.

Upload at least one letter of support from a representative of the state fish and wildlife management agency:Red-Rock_Letter-of-support_Krogman_2021-003.pdf
Partnership and Budget
Does the project involve one or more youth groups?No
Please list all partners involved in the project:
Partner Name Type of Partner Cash Contribution ($) In-Kind Contribution In-Kind Value ($)
Red Rock Lake Association, Plus others, attached. Private, 501C3, plus Gov'ts 20 hrs labor, boats, etc. , Plus Gov'ts@ $18/hr $360. + More. See attachment for details
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